Kadima Krav Maga is a Self Defense School based on Israeli Krav International (IKI) Krav Maga.  IKI’s LEad Instructor is Moshe Katz and his school is based out of Ma’ale Adumim.  
Kadima Krav Maga provides realistic Self Defense training based upon the principles of Krav Maga, an Israeli Self Defense System. Our techniques rely on instinctual movements that require minimum amount of training to become efficient in self protection. Our classes revolve around defense against assaults, holds, grabs, chokes, stick, club, knives, pistols, long guns and multiple attackers. Krav Maga is not an martial art per se, as there is no sporting or competitive Krav Maga. The training is all about self protection. There are no Katas or forms to learn but comprehensive techniques that you are able to build a foundation of safety and self confidence upon. Classes are limited now to students ages 14 and up. Children’s Krav will begin soon. 

Schedule of training and Class Dues:

Classes are offered at Fort 13 Airsoft and Tactical Training Center

Dues are paid Monthly at the beginning of the month

● Mondays & Thursdays from 6:00-7:30


       Teachers/Students $70  

       Mil/LEO $60 

Sunday 5:00-7:00


        Teachers/Students $60 

        Mil/LEO $50 

Monthly Training Sun/Mon/Thur


        Teachers/Students $110 

        Mil/LEO $100 

Additional Family members that want to attend are half price of applicable fee’s.