F13 Milsim S.O.C Experience


F13 S.O.C MILSIM Events

We conduct Special Operations MILSIM Scenarios based on a fictional storyline and/or base on historical events.

F13 S.O.C Operation “Jubilee” (base on real story) March 08, 2019, 17:00.

On 04 January 2019, British aid worker and US NGO worker were captured and held captive by bandits in small compound at Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan. The bandits offered their release in exchange for a ransom that included the release of a notorious drug dealer; with the threat that the kidnappers may sell on the hostages to the Taliban, coalition forces worked around the clock to locate them. Signal intercept teams got a fix on the kidnappers location, high altitude UAVs began constant pattern of life surveillance in an effort to establish exactly where the hostages being held, the number of kidnappers and their daily routes as well as approach routes for the SOF rescue teams. It was soon established that the hostages had been split up and were being held in two separate locations in old plant facility, a US hostage rescue mission is  under plane, S.O teams is putting up and the operation is planned to be carried out on the 08 March 2019.


The teams will inserted by U.S. Army MRAP vehicle at an LZ 1 km from the target location, then the assault forces will advanced on foot through the forest and the near compounds to established a security cordon before assaulting into the compound  simultaneous. One team will assaulted and clear the South side of the compound and the second team will assault and clear the North side of the compound. Objectives rescued the two hostages, escort hostages to extraction point with no harm.

Forces must execute mission sets based on seizing and holding Objectives.


Operation “Jubilee” will be conducted in 2 (Two) season starting Friday 17:00 and ends Saturday 10pm. Each force will play 1 (One) times as Bandits and 1 (One) times as S.O.C Force.


Each play will last for 3 hours.

Each force will elected commander and deputy commander (preferred with military experience), if force cant elect the commander and deputy during the operation briefing a jar will be use with all team names in order to elect commander and deputy commander. 


Each force will also elected minimum of 4 Medics, if force can’t elect the Medics during the operation briefing a jar will be use with all team names in order to elect the Medics.  Medics are the only players that can save a player's life after waiting a mandatory 5 minutes and apply bandages on player arm. Player must remain with bandages during all season.


Prior to the start of each set, Orders and intelligence will be given to each side. The orders will direct the Force Commanders to direct teams to achieve Operation objectives. Those objectives as they are met will incur victory points that will accumulate over the course of the event determining the overall victory.

Each player will get on registration Operation “Jubilee” Kit which include:

  • Hit light.

  • Emergence Stick lights. (RED)

  • “Jubilee” mission file.

  • 4 Bandages.

  • Green bandana.

  • Green and Red arm band.

  • F13 “Jubilee” T shirt.


1. FPS limits

FPS limits are as followed all guns will chrono before each set at:

  • 300 FPS or 1J for Submachine Gunners 0ft MED.

  • 366 Fps or 1.55j Rifleman 0ft MED.

  • 1.86j Support Gunners 50ft MED.

  • 2.12j DMR 50ft MED.

  • 3.6j Snipers Bolt Action 100ft MED.

All HPA System Weapons will Chrono in with .32g BB 
AEG will chrono with .20g BB

Weapons of Supports (pistols) and Sniper Classes must be Chrono.

All regulators will be zip tied and sealed with tamper tape.

There are NO REFUNDS ONCE TICKETS ARE PURCHASED. Only REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED TO MILITARY SERVICE MEMBERS WHO HAVE DUTY! Tickets can be transferred into another players name if sold.


2. UNIFORMS Rules:

UNIFORMS Rules are to give an appearance of the different forces. This gives a better realistic experience to the event.


Bandits Forces: (green bandanna, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, jeans or solid single color pants, Green Hand bracelet)


S.O.C Force “Jubilee”: (camouflage only, Green, Tan, Pixel, lizard is acceptable)

You must attend and remain in the proper uniform for your side during all the Season.


Tops and Bottoms style must match the base color of your side.

Cold weather clothing must be the same type and base color of your side.

Gear color does not matter. You can wear any color gear you wish.




  • All players must have FULL SEALING ballistic proof eye protection (ANSI Z Rated) as a minimum at all times on the field. (Regular Prescription glasses used as eye pro is not authorized).

  • Age cut off for this event is 14. There is no exception, NO PARENTAL WAIVERS.

  • ALL eye protection. MUST HAVE A RETENTION STRAP.

  • All players must wear the emergency lighting unit during night operation.

  • Grenades, (any type) IS NOT ALLOWED PERIOD.

  • In order to maintain realistic military simulation all hits to the operator's body count as a kill, including tactical gear.

  • Players may run with an unlimited number of magazines, (no drums).

  • A secondary weapon is allow, Pistols are the only Support Weapons replicas that allowed at this event.

  • No use in all cases and all times of: SAW, PKM, M240, Vulcan, MG36, etc (Grandfathered replicas of BARs, RPK and M27 (true replica) are included). If you have specific questions or additions to this list please contact event Admins.

  • Pistols are the only Support Weapons replicas that allowed at this event.

  • Winding, electric or spring loaded magazines are all acceptable.

  • No limit for magazines to be carried during the game.


  • All operators are expected to follow the "Code of Conduct".

  • CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, you will be ejected from the event with no refund for repeat offenders. Penalties will be assessed for the entire side.

  • All operators must use BIO BBs for that field, NO OTHER BBs WILL BE ALLOWED, use on non bios will result in the violator(s) being ejected from the location without refund.

  • All operators must use hard lens type goggle or glasses that have a tight seal around the face and retention strap (must be ANSI Z rated) with no gaps bigger than a pencil eraser. Players younger than 18 (Eighteen) must wear full face protection (iron mask, mesh half mask and eye pro, full mask).

  • FPS limits for this event are hard and non-negotiable, ZERO EXEMPTIONS.

  • All hits to the operator's body count as a kill, including gear.

  • Gun hits do not count.

  • When you are hit you will die in-place, call out loud "HIT", switch on your hit light and act as if you have been fatally shot and remain motionless for 5 minutes. (DO NOT STAND UP, sit or lay down, DO NOT REMAIN STANDING)

  • After the determined 5 minutes, put your gun over your head or on your shoulder with one hand in the air and then move away from the combat area to the respawn area. (DO NOT SWITCH YOUR HIT LIGHT)

  • Dead men do not talk to live operators.

  • Dead men do not talk on the radio, not even to say "I'm dead".

  • There is absolutely no shooting at anyone within the minimum safe engagement distance MSD established for your weapon.

  • If any operators have any disputes, they are expected to resolve them in a gentleman-like manner. We do not yell out for others to call their hits, the correct response is "check" or "ref check" TO CALL SOMEONE OUT RESULTS IN POINT DEDUCTION FOR YOUR SIDE.

  • Indoors all weapons must be on semi (indoor to indoor shots in the same building)

  • Electronic Warfare (ie jamming, listening in) IS NOT ALLOWED.

Hit Detailed Rules:

  • When hit, sound off vocally, switch on your RED hit light.

  • Hits to any part of your body count as a kill.

  • Hits to any part of your tactical gear or equipment, such as ammo bags, canteen, and pouches, etc. also count as a kill.

  • Rounds that snap vegetation and continue on to hit you count as a kill. (ricochets do not apply)

  • Hits to the gun do not count as a kill.

Medic Rules:

  • When you are hit, yell out "HIT!" loudly, then you must switch on your RED hit light and either sit down or lay down to stay out of the way. Wait for a medic to arrive, or you may return to respawn after waiting a mandatory 5 minutes. While waiting, you may not move, shoot or talk with exception for calling "MEDIC!"

  • MEDICS: Only Medics players are able to Medic other players. Each player will Carry 2 Bandages on them. Once a player is hit the player has a 5 minute bleed out. ZERO EXEMPTIONS!! CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! Other players can’t reaches the hit player or Medic other players. A player can be medic 2 times. When the player is hit the 3rd time they will wait their 5 minute bleed out and return to the nearest respawn. 

  • Medics to take one bandage and tie or wrap it around the player arms or legs and wait the 5 minute bleed out.


Tentative Schedule:

Friday (General)

15:00 Fort 13 Gate opens for barracks check in.

16:00 field opens for guided terrain walk by players, ALL PLAYERS MUST ATTEND TERRAIN WALK.       
17:00 Teams partitions and hostages joining.

18:00 Dinner.

19:00 General briefing, and rules overview.

19:30 Safety Brief.

19:45 All teams Chrono.

20:15 Teams commander and deputy commander elections.


Friday (Season 1)

20:30 Commanders teams brief.
20:45 Teams Mission Prep.
21:00 Bandit team and Hostages set in Bandit compound. S.O.C Team set in parking lot to extract to LZ.
21:15 Start of season 1!! (Game begin)

Saturday (Season 1)

00:15 Season 1 Stop (Game stop)

00:30 Bandit team and S.O.C team separate debriefing.

00:45 all teams and Hostages organizers debriefing.

01.00 Snacks and coffee.

Saturday (Season 2)

01:30 General briefing, and rules overview.

01:45 Safety Brief.

02:00 all teams Chrono.

02:15 teams commander and deputy commander elections.
02:30 commander team brief.
02:45 Teams Mission Prep.
03:15 Bandit team and Hostages set in Bandit compound. S.O.C Team set in parking lot to extract to LZ.
03:30 Start of Season 2!! (Game begin)

06:30 Set 1 Stop (Game stop)

06:45 Bandit team and S.O.C team separate debriefing.

07:00 all teams and Hostages organizers debriefing.

07:30 Breakfast.


Food Menu:

Dinner: Shredded BBQ pork, chips, coleslaw, baked beans, cookie, soft drink.

Snacks and coffee: Humus, pretzels, chips, cookies, soft drink. 

Breakfast: Scrambled egg, sliced bacon, biscuit, cereal, coffee, orange juice or soft drink.   


Operation “Jubilee” Location

1. Parking.

2. Bandit compound.

3. S.O.C Team set to extract.

4. S.O.C Team LZ.

5. Border.

6. No Play Zone.

jubilee map.jpg