Force on Force Scenario Training

One of our most talked about classes from past students including many Law Enforcement Officers! So you've taken lots of training. You're ready for your "real" gun fight, right? Well, here is a Class where you can use Airsoft Pistols to truly put those theories, skills and training to the test. Students will run through multiple Real-Life Force-on-Force Scenarios to practice and challenge their Real-Time Deadly Force Decision Making and Practical Firearms Skills. Instructors and other students will play innocent bystanders, law enforcement, and threats.

Students will be given a very brief description of the situation they are entering, then must Enter, Make Quick Decisions as to who is whom and How Best to Act, and then react. Throughout the day, students will actually see the Outcome of their "Plan" to Realistic Car Jacking, Kidnapping, Mugging, Armed Robbery, Home Invasion Scenarios and more. Our Instructors will follow up each exercise with a debrief discussing possible actions, solutions and outcomes.  It is a real eye opener and thought provoking.

This is a great Confidence-Building class for Concealed Carry License Holders of All Ages, Genders, and Skill Levels and a perfect Complement to Your Live Fire Training.

Course Level: Advanced
Cost: $400/2 Day Course
Length:  Two - 7 Hour Days 

Skills that will be worked on and Topics Discussed in this Class:

  • Defensive mindset

  • Tactical planning

  • Gun fighting v gun ‘range shooting’

  • Understanding and using physical and psychological reactions to lethal force confrontations

  • Mental preparation & awareness

  • Dynamic decision making

  • Defensive gun fighting techniques

  • Introduction to combative shooting techniques


Scenarios May Include: Carjacking, Active shooter, Kidnapping, Mugging, 

Armed robbery, Home invasion, Multiple threat.

Skills and requirements needed coming into this class:

  • Must be comfortable with chosen firearm while shooting in a traditional static range environment.

  • Must be familiar with basic manipulation and use of chosen firearm.

  • Must have concealed weapons permit or have completed criminal background check.



There is no Live-Fire in this course.

- Airsoft Pistol, gas or electric pistol (preferably a replica of your carry weapon)*
- 150 Biodegradable Airsoft BBs*
- Face mask or goggles*
- Spare gas, batteries or charger for your airsoft pistol*
- Clothing that allows you to work from the ground.
- Long sleeve shirt and pants (you will get dirty)
- Notepad and pen
- Gloves
- Knee and Elbow pads, recommended
- Cooler with hydration
*Equipment Rental including airsoft pistol, ammunition and mask is Available for $25 per Class.

Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio: 6:1
Maximum Number of Students: 12