King of Your Castle

Fort 13 home defense class exists to help students understand and combine the elements of environmental surroundings and preparedness to maximize the likelihood of survival during an intruder event such as a home invasion.

Students will also learn tactics to reinforce their home to avoid break in and develop a home protection plan customized to the individual dwelling.


Successful students will proactively apply their training to develop a robust security plan for their home.

Topics covered:

  • home security and early warning signs &  systems

  • designing a family/household emergency plan

  • understanding how a criminal thinks and why they may target your home or you

  • your rights and responsibilities under the law

  • making your environment secure and defensible

  • communication with 911 & law enforcement first responders

  • area clearing in a household environment

  • targeting an aggressor in an occupied area

  • weapons placement, availability & types (including less than lethal)

Minimum 6 students, Maximum 10.

Next course - March 16, 2019. 8am-12pm

King of Your Castle

Hours of Operation

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Sunday        2pm - 8pm

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