We conduct Special Operations MILSIM Scenarios based on fictional storylines and/or historical events.


F13 S.O.C Operation “ICE 2” (based on real story) Aug 2021, 15:00.


The ”ICE 2” operation is a set of missions to destroy the biggest drug lab operate in Colombia. On 07 Aug 2021, SOCOM with the Colombian Navy will deal a new blow to narcotrafficking during the operation conducted in Cauca department, on the Pacific coast of Colombia. The labs used to process coca base paste, which belongs to dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, will be found and destroyed.


US SOCOM forces are working around the clock to locate the "Narco" lab. Signal intercept teams got a fix on the potential location of the lab, high altitude UAVs began a constant pattern of live surveillance in an effort to establish exactly where the lab is located, the number of  "Narco" bandits and their daily routes as well as approach routes for the S.O teams. It was soon established that the lab is split into two separate locations in an old plant facility. A US capture and destroy mission is under plan, S.O teams are setting up and the operation is planned to be carried out on 07 Aug, 2021, 15:00. 

Operation “ICE 2” will be conducted in 3 seasons starting Saturday 17:00 and will end Sunday 01:00.



S.O.C Force will be deployed by Heli .5 mil north of the compound.

"Narco'' will guard the lab compound and surrounding areas and all territory up to their borders.


The S.O.C to “Narco” forces ratio is 30%/70%





S.O.C Force will be deployed by Heli .5 mil north of the compound.

S.O.C Force objectives:

  1. Collecting intel on "Narco'' structures and passing it to SOCOM before destroying the "Narco” lab. Minimum of 3 potential "Narco'' structures/targets need to be reported to SOCOM. 

  2. Destroying the "Narco” lab, capturing and extracting the lab leader to extraction point “B”.





  1. "Narco” will set up guard posts outside of the lab compound and surrounding areas.

  2. Ensure that the lab is operating and kept in their hand.





Uniforms Rules are to give an appearance of the different forces. This gives a better realistic experience to the event.


"Narco”: (Civilian clothes, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, jeans or solid single color pants. 


S.O.C Force “ICE”: (camouflage only, Green, Tan, Pixel, lizard is acceptable)

You must attend and remain in the proper uniform for your side during all the Season.


Tops and Bottoms style must match the base color of your side.

Cold weather clothing must be the same type and base color of your side.

Gear color does not matter. You can wear any color gear you wish.


  • When hit, sound off vocally and put on your RED rug.

  • Hits to any part of your body count as a kill.

  • Hits to any part of your tactical gear or equipment, such as ammo bags, canteen, and pouches, etc. also count as a kill.

  • Rounds that snap vegetation and continue on to hit you count as a kill.

  • Ricochets do not apply.

  • Hits to the gun do not count as a kill.


  • When you are hit, yell "HIT!" loudly.  Player will proceed to switch on their RED light/kill rag placed over the top of the head, and lay down (stomach or back), and remain out of the way. Player must wait for a designated medic to arrive, with a heal time of 2 minutes. If a medic is unable to reach a player within 5 minutes, they must return to the respawn. While waiting, you may not move, shoot or talk except for calling for the "MEDIC"!


  • Each player will carry 2 red or white (Rootiment Arms Kill Stick) bandages.  Once a player is hit the player has a 5 minute bleed out. ZERO EXEMPTIONS!! CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!  Each player has a maximum of two medic revives.  When the player is hit the 3rd time they will wait their 5 minute bleed out and return to respawn.


  • Before returning into active service, a red/white bandage must be tied or wrapped securely around the arm or leg. ZERO EXEMPTIONS!! CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!


Thank you for your participation in this F13 S.O.C. MILSIM Event!