Russia vs NATO

December 12, 2020. 14:00-22:00

Russia suddenly and mysteriously dropped a group of paratroopers into the town of Mt Airy Georgia in the middle of the night late last week (reasons unknown). They immediately cut off all communications to and from the town. Then, during the cover of the night they took control of the town in a quick skirmish w local police. One civilian (confidential (John Doe)) managed to escape through the woods and relay the only info we have. It is unsure how many survivors are left in the town, but Mr. (John Doe). Doe said there was "blood and bodies everywhere".


Based on the description from Mr. Doe, we believe the invading force was lead by Russian general Boris Valishnev. Valishnev is one of Russia's top Generals and has lead some of the most effective Russian stealth operations to ever take place. He is extremely experienced and valuable to the Russian military. This causes more concern and suspicion. Why would they risk him to take a small town like Mt Airy? There is no doubt Valishnev isn't scared to risk his own life, that has been proven by the risk he has put himself in in the past only to take a life, it seems he enjoys showing how brutal he is willing to be during combat. But the Russians are, and should be, horrified to lose him. They have kept him so protected and under wraps in the past that it has been suspected he may have been dead for the last 2 years. Unfortunately that theory was apparently incorrect. So why are they risking him to take a small town in Georgia? 

More suspicion has came about due to the fact that, after taking the town, the force has been silent. They have not yet advanced to any of the surrounding towns. Our fly overs have shown that they have set up quite a stronghold inside the town, but other than that have been, for the most part, inactive. No civilian movement has been seen in the town. This indicates that the Russian force may have intention of establishing a safe drop zone for a much larger group of paratroopers to join them. However, Valishnev has been known to use germ/chemical warfare on his enemies in the past to reach his goals without drawing as much attention to his unit. It is feared that this invading force may be establishing means to distribute chemical gas throughout Georgia. If this is the case Valishnev would likely wait for a day or night with high winds to release the gas to get full spread throughout Georgia.

Due to the cut coms and stealthy operations of the Russians all of this is currently unknown to the world outside of the town. Our goal is to take back Mt Airy in a quick, swift movement, before that changes. The people of the United States would not be able to handle the fear of knowing Russia has successfully occupied our soil. If we can conduct this operation in under a day, they may not have to ever know it happened. Due to the confidentiality of this mission we will refer to it as "Operation Snowblind". We will take back the town of Mt Airy and save any surviving citizens. There is extra concern for the mayor, as Valishnev is known to publicly execute the leaders of towns he overcomes. This also gives the mayor hope considering Valishnev has not had a large enough crowd of witnesses to satisfy him, but our counterstrike force may be a large enough number to make him want to put on a display of power. There is no telling what they are establishing foundation for, and we must find out to be prepared. Valishnev has this information along with 20+ years of extremely confidential information. So if he is taken alive we could possibly gain enough intel to cripple not only this invasion, but any future threat from our Russian enemies. Due to familiarity with the area and terrain a local militia unit has been carefully selected to work with our forces during this classified operation. The survivors will be hired on and join us to live the rest of their lives in the shadows.

Registration starts at 12:00, Chrono starts at 12:30.

3 Stages. 2 hours per stage. 30 Min breaks between stages.

Jeep for OPFOR

Russia – Legit Russian, Blue DRP.
NATO – M81, Digital, Multicam, all non Russian camo.
Militia – Civilian clothes.


NATO - respawn at designated point.
Russia – Medics will have 30 sec revive, 2 revives max, 3rd hit is a 5 min bleed out.
Standard 5 min bleed out if not revived.

Early bird - $45. Up to Nov 29.
Regular price - $60. After Nov 29, also at the event.