We conduct Special Operations MILSIM Scenarios based on fictional storylines and/or historical events.




On August 26, 2020, an initial operation to rescue hostages held by Al Qaeda in multiple caverns in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in Yemen. This operation was a joint venture between the US Navy Seals (DEVGRU3), Yemeni Armed Forces, and the Yemeni Army. The hostages included an American Journalist (Luke Somers), a teacher (Pierre Korkie), a US NGO worker, and multiple others. The first raid was successful in rescuing eight hostages. The remaining five hostages had been moved prior to the raid and would require a second surgical strike. 


On September 5, 2020, sensitive intelligence indicated the remaining American hostages would be immediately executed by AQAP in a compound located within the Abadan Valley. JSOC issued an order to proceed with the second raid. Upon approach, cover was blown and a firefight ensued lasting approximately ten minutes. Somers and Korkie were located, but gravely injured. They were immediately medically evacuated via helicopter. Unfortunately Korkie succumbed to his injuries during surgical triage and Somers died after landing on US soil.            


Operation “Yemen” will be conducted in one intense operation starting Saturday at 14:00 and will terminate prior to 01:00.



S.O.C. Force will depart from MRAP Vehicle, from half a mile north of the compound.

Al Qaeda will be responsible for guarding the compound and surrounding designated areas.

S.O.C. Force will consist of 12 combat soldiers.

Al Qaeda will consist of up to 200 terrorists.





S.O.C. Forces will exfill from MRAP Vehicle,.5 miles north of the compound, and proceed on foot without being compromised. 


S.O.C. Forces must collect intel on Al Qaeda structures.  S.O.C. must identify at least five structures/targets and relay photographic evidence to JSOC prior to execution of the assault.  Hostages must be rescued, dead or alive.


S.O.C. Force will evacuate hostages to extraction point “B”.  





Al Qaeda must maintain a minimum of 5 guarded compounds or designated area.


Al Qaeda must guard hostages within their control.  They must be within eye sight, and cannot be hidden.





Uniforms must remain compliant.  Gear color does not matter.  There will be no exceptions and strictly enforced.  If you have questions, ask prior to the Operation. 


Al Qaeda: Any tan or green based BDU, civilian clothes, hoodies, sweatshirts, jeans, or solid single colored pants. Clothing must match in color for both top and bottom.  No BLACK will be allowed. 


S.O.C. Force:  Black, or urban digital.


  • When hit, sound off vocally, player will switch on their RED hit light.

  • Hits to any part of the body count as a kill.

  • Hits to any part of your tactical gear or equipment, (ammo bags, canteen, pouches, etc.), also constitute a kill.

  • Any hit that snaps or pushes through vegetation striking a player, also constitutes a kill. 

  • Ricochets do not apply.

  • Hits to your gun do not apply.


  • When you are hit, yell "HIT!" loudly.  Player will proceed to switch on their RED light/kill rag placed over the top of the head, and lay down (stomach or back), and remain out of the way. Player must wait for a designated medic to arrive, with a heal time of 2 minutes. If a medic is unable to reach a player within 5 minutes, they must return to the respawn. While waiting, you may not move, shoot or talk except for calling for the "MEDIC"!


  • Each player will carry 2 red or white (Rootiment Arms Kill Stick) bandages.  Once a player is hit the player has a 5 minute bleed out. ZERO EXEMPTIONS!! CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!  Each player has a maximum of two medic revives.  When the player is hit the 3rd time they will wait their 5 minute bleed out and return to respawn.


  • Before returning into active service, a red/white bandage must be tied or wrapped securely around the arm or leg. ZERO EXEMPTIONS!! CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!


Thank you for your participation in this F13 S.O.C. MILSIM Event!