Operation Rapid Sunder

 This TACSOP "Rapid Sunder” is for teams only, Team considered 8-12 players which paid the amount of participation players and submit the roster. Once all info and fees are sent in, the team is then officially submitted into the Tac Challenge and will compete for the top spot.
 This TACSOP is for team leaders to distribute to their strike-team in order to acquire and maintain an understanding of the operating procedure for the Southern Airsoft Coalition Tactical Challenge: Operation Rapid Sunder. 

  1. Situation

 After the events of Operation Winter’s fall 01-19-2020, Kingdom and Imperial Forces have prepared to send a coalition of strike teams to a BlackHand-occupied warehouse holding munitions and personnel that are preparing for a second strike deep into Kingdom held regions. The hope is to dispatch this task force to quench the BlackHand’s retaliation before they can mobilize. Prepare for multiple scenarios, anything may happen. The team most effective in completing these scenarios will earn themselves recognition and be awarded for their efforts.

​  2. Execution

 FPS Limits (SAC TAC Challenge-specific)

 All weapons excluding SMG’s must abide by a max 1.55 Joule limit with a .32. ​
 SMG’s can go full auto, and must chrono with a .32 bb at 1.00 Joule.
 Pyro/ Grenades (SAC TAC Challenge-specific).
 All pyro including Enola Gaye EG67 frags, flash 3.0, etc. are accepted. ​No Smoke is allowed inside the facility! ​Thunder B grenades and tornado grenades are also accepted and should be utilized by line of sight throws (No blind throws)
 *5 foot kill radius*.

 If a grenade/ flash is thrown in a room, all players in the room are dead upon it exploding.

 Required uniform/ gear color (SAC TAC Challenge-specific)

​ All uniform and jersey colors/ patterns are accepted. Teams MUST match uniforms/ jerseys. I.e.- if a team’s chosen uniform is woodland, all players must wear woodland; if a team’s chosen uniform is multicam, all players must wear multicam. 
 This rule also applies to jerseys. Gear (helmets, vests, plate carriers, etc.) color does not matter!


  3. Required Gear

 All players must have on their person at all times:
1. Medical Card
2. Participant identification band (given up on check-in) 
3. Event patch (given at check-in)
4. Dead Rag and Dead Light
5. Rootiment Arms Hit stick or two tourniquets
 Medic Rules
 Depending on the scenario, either all players are medic or a player will be designated as squad medic. Once a player is shot, they will drop, pull their dead rag, and yell for a medic. Medic will then approach the player and either apply a tourniquet or pull a tab in the player’s Rootiment Hit Stick. The player gets them back in the game. ​Dead men DON’T talk!

  4. Squad assignments

 Each team must appoint a Team Leader. This designated position is responsible for passing information to their teammates, collecting and sending fees, and taking on-field leadership duties and decisions.

 This individual is also responsible for submitting a team roster, including player names/callsign, phone number, email, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

 Team Leaders must collect the flat team-rate of $1,000 from their squad of 8-12 players and submit the roster. Once all info and fees are sent in, the team is then officially submitted into the Tac Challenge and will compete for the top spot. 

 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will receive challenge coins and prizes for their achievements, while all teams that participate will be entered into the raffle.

 Additionally, all teams that participate in “Operation: Rapid Sunder” will be entered into the SAC TAC League inaugural tournament later in the year at a discounted cost. 
 1st place winners will be entered in for free.

 All participants must sign a waiver upon signing in at the registration desk. Any participants younger than 18 must have a parent or legal guardian also sign the waiver, and any participant younger than 16 must have a parent or legal guardian in attendance. 

 No alcohol, drugs, or firearms are allowed anywhere on the ao where an SAC event is being held.

Spots are limited. All teams must be registered and fully paid by June 30. Registration without payment does not guarantee your spot.