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All players must have full seal eyewear and if under 18 must have a lower face mask (Mesh,etc).


All players must be chronoed, AEG must shoot at or under 400 fps when shooting .20. All hpa will be chronoed with .32 and must shoot at or under 325 fps.(All weapons must be chronoed).


There is no minimum engagement distance (Bang Bang) Individual Discretion is advised.


No feathering/walking the trigger, no two finger triggers (if it sounds like full auto it is full auto).


All guns must have trigger guards.


No full auto in buildings.


RPS limit is 35.

Do not blindfire, if you can’t see the shooter you don’t shoot.


All HPA Regulators will be tournament locked after being Chronoed

Guns must have functional safety.


Magazines must be out of weapon in staging area.


Referees have final decision on player disputes/disagreements on the field.


If opposing players shoot each other at the same time, they are both eliminated (Trading Shots).


Do not point a weapon at any one unless on the field.


Grenades have a 10 foot kill radius. This includes sound grenades. (It must make a audible boom to count as a sound grenade).


Ricochets and gun hits do not count.


No shooting at anyone within the safe minimum engagement distance (MED) established for your weapon.


Eye protection and face cover is mandatory all time on the field, Eye protection must be on at all times while on the field. (DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR EYE PROTECTION AT ANY TIME WHILE ON THE FIELD)


Do not move or alter any obstacles on the field.


If you do not call your hits you will be escorted out of the arena and kicked out. CHEATERS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!

Make sure you’ve cleared your guns of any ammo, remove your magazine and switch your gun to safety when exiting the arena.


Do not argue with other players. See a referee if you have a concern.

Minimum Engagement Distance
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