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Waiver and Clothing

All players/participants must read and sign the waiver and have a wristband before being allowed to throw. Closed-toed shoes are also required.

It’s Axe Throwing, Not Axe Catching

DO NOT TRY TO CATCH AN AXE! If an axe bounces back from a target, quickly step backward and to the side in your lane. DO NOT point or gesture with the axe. ANY MISHANDLING OF AN AXE OR HORSEPLAY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WILL RESULT IN YOUR REMOVAL FROM THE ACTIVITY!

Stay in Safety Areas

Only one person is allowed in a lane at a time. Do not enter a lane until it is completely cleared. When entering a lane through the gate, step directly into your lane; do not wander into another player's area. If you are not throwing, you must remain behind the fenced area at all times.

One Axe at a Time

Only one axe is thrown at a time in each lane. Whether it sticks or not, retrieve the thrown axe before starting another turn.

No Axes Outside the Fence

Do not remove an axe from the throwing area. All axes must remain in the fenced-in area at all times.

Don’t Touch the Fence Do not touch or grab the fence, either in the spectator area or when picking up an axe off the ground.

Don’t Hand Off an Axe

Handing off an axe might take your hand off! Do not hand another player an axe. When done throwing, replace your axe in the wood block and exit the area. The next player can then select their own axe when entering.

No Food or Drink in the Throwing Area

We have designated areas for food and drinks. Please use them accordingly. No food or drink is allowed in the lanes.

If You See Something, Say Something

Please let us know if you need a board replaced or if you notice any damage to an axe. We want you to have the best experience possible and provide the equipment and environment to do so.

Be Safe and Have Fun

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience, and don't forget to leave us a positive review online!

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