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Dearest friends!


As you know, Israel is going through an extremely difficult time right now, being attacked by multiple enemies.  Now, more than ever, Israel needs your support!


We are pledging our support by donating 50% of all proceeds starting this weekend, to the needs of the people in Israel.  We will be doing this for a month, giving you an opportunity to participate.  We invite you to come and play, to contribute to this effort and to support Israel in these unbearably difficult times.


Below is a list of efforts and organizations we are donating to:

Survivors of the Nir Oz Kibbutz massacre:


Survivors of the massacre in the Kfar Aza Kibbutz:


Food and supplies for the elderly survivors of the Holocaust living in the South of Israel:


We are also donating money to the restaurants and private citizens preparing food for the IDF soldiers and delivering it to the frontlines, along with necessary daily supplies.


We personally know people we’re donating to, so rest assured that your donations will reach those most in need quickly and effectively.  We ask for your support to help people fighting for their freedom and peace.

Click on this link to be taken directly to the donation page.  Please mark your donation “I stand with Israel”.


To maximize your donation, please use the “Friends and Family” option.


Thank you in advance for your support!

עם ישראל חי

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