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Limited Edition "Alpine White" KRISS Vector Airsoft SMG by Krytac Model: High Velocity

The more you visit Fort13, the better your chances at winning a really cool prize!  Come play, buy as many raffle tickets as you wish and improve your chances at winning!


Starting September 18th,- every $25 you spend at Fort13 will get you one raffle ticket. 


  • One all-day pass (valued at $25) gets you one raffle ticket.

  • Purchasing one gun (valued at $150) gets you six tickets.

  • Purchasing anything in our store for a total amount of $115, gets you four tickets.

You can also just buy a single raffle ticket for $15! 

In order to participate in the raffle you need to follow Fort 13 on Facebook and/or Instagram.  We post really cool stuff on both pages, so following us is a lot of fun!

You gotta hold on to your ticket till the end of the raffle, because that’s the only record we’ll have of your purchasing one!  Don’t lose it, or we won’t be able to give you your prize!

On November 19, at 5PM, the winner will be selected at random, so make sure you’re there in person, with your ticket!  Why?  Because in order for you to have a chance at winning the prize, we need to see both you and your ticket together.

So here we go one more time: All ticket holders must be physically present at Fort 13 (2476 Old Hwy 197 S, Mount Airy, GA 30563) at the time of the drawing, to be eligible to win!

What happens if the holder of the winning ticket isn’t there?  Well, we’ll just go ahead and draw another one, making someone else the happy winner.  So make sure to mark your calendar to be at Fort 13 on November 19th, at 5PM sharp, and don’t forget your ticket!

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