Laser Engraving

    F13 Laser Engraving providing a high quality custom laser engraving services. F13 highly skilled Graphic Designer and Engineering specialists offer our expertise and provide you with solution to your weapons and other objects engraving needs.

Gun Tech

    We at F13 have trained technicians on staff to address all your technical needs. From customer setups to basic upgrading help, our technicians have the experience you need to quickly repair your equipment. We offer repairs for all major Airsoft brands and accessories; and have even done custom work upon request. So whether you have the latest pro equipment, basic startup equipment, or an antique marker, bring it on in and we can take care of it for you.

Gun Painting

     Individualize Your Gun Today with our Custom Gun Finishes stand out from the crowd! We offer a full array of custom gun finishes from Cerakote to custom Paintbrush paintings. Bring your gun and stand out from the crowd!